Common Reasons for Emergency Dental Care, Lindsay

At Horizon Family Dentistry in Lindsay, ON, we provide a welcoming and comfortable experience to all of our patients whether they visit us for routine teeth cleaning or emergency dental care in Lindsay. Although we hope that it’s never necessary, we know that accidents or other emergencies sometimes happen that require immediate attention.

Accidents or injuries can happen to even the most careful people, and when they do, the team at Horizon Family Dentistry here to help you when you need it. Here are just five of the most common reasons people in need of emergency dental care in Lindsay visit our clinic:

1. Chipped, cracked or knocked-out teeth
Chipped teeth are probably the most common reason people visit us for emergency dental care in Lindsay. In most cases, chipped, cracked and even knocked out teeth can be repaired with ease if you seek attention quickly. If a tooth has been knocked out or part of a tooth has broken off, be sure to bring the missing piece along in case it can be reattached.

2. Displaced teeth
If your tooth or teeth suddenly shift position within your mouth (usually as a result of some kind of blow or other trauma,) you should visit us right away for emergency dental care. This problem can be quite painful and should be repaired immediately to prevent further damage, whether caused by infection or lack of attention. It is essential to seek emergency dental care in such a situation as the chances for a successful repair are greater if less time passes after the injury.

3. Trauma to the soft tissue in your mouth
When most people think about emergency dental care, they think of the teeth themselves. If, however, you’ve hurt the soft tissue of your mouth, you may also want to see a dentist. (Of course, if you’ve experienced severe trauma to your head, you should seek emergency medical help first.)

4. Infection
There are many different and potentially painful ways your mouth can become infected. Perhaps the most common symptoms of infection in your mouth are swollen and painful gums. If you have any lasting pain in your mouth, you should always ask a dentist for an examination.

5. Missing crowns or fillings
Although they’re perhaps the least serious emergency on this list, crowns or fillings that have come loose can be dangerous and should be treated immediately. The crown or filling was put in your mouth to help you so, if it has come loose somehow, your teeth are susceptible to problems in their absence. Don’t wait to have them replaced.

When it comes to your oral health, being safe is always better than being sorry. If you or a loved one needs emergency dental care in Lindsay, contact us at Horizon Family Dentistry today. We’re ready to help whenever you need us.